Photory man





Born in Choshi City, Chiba Prefecture in May 1989. Spent his junior high school years in Choshi City, and attended a vocational school in Ibaraki Prefecture in order to work in the manufacturing industry, utilizing his dexterity. At the age of 20, he bought a 400cc motorcycle and started camping and traveling around Ibaraki Prefecture. In his mid-twenties, he got into gambling. In his mid-twenties, he became addicted to gambling. At first, he enjoyed playing juggler's hyenas, but gradually he started playing Oki-Doki for more gambling. Every day, all he could think about was gambling. In the midst of gambling, he sold his motorcycle at the age of 29 and used the money to buy a camera, and at the age of 31, he started Instagram, although he was a late bloomer. Gradually, his private time shifted from gambling to his camera. Now he hardly gambles at all. When I have a fight with my wife, I just go out for a while. I mainly take pictures at the end of the night shift at work or on business trips. I feel that photography has enriched my life a little by taking me to places I have never been before and eating foods I have never eaten before. I tend to worry about what others think of me, but when it comes to photography, I want to face my own honest feelings and create what I think is good.