Illustrator・abstract painter・fashion designer

Sonora Design



I have been working as a fashion designer, fashion illustrator, artdirector,
and textile designer for a long time.
I have worked as a designer for major brands and designed products for domestic
and international brands. 
Every year, I design and produce products.
Fashion is a process of creating something new and throwing it away within certain constraints.
Fashion is a repetition of creating something new and throwing it away.
I feel the limit of expression in such fashion design.
I wanted to expand the range of my expression and to express myself freely.
This led me to start abstract painting and silk-screening.
I am currently working mainly on illustrations of women and abstract paintings.

Production environment, process, materials, and techniques
Acrylic paints, oil-based pastels, acrylic resin, silk screen
Adobe Illustrator ・Adobe Photoshop