Yuko Yamada



写真作家のYukoと申します。Yuko Yamadaという名前で写真作品を制作しております。 日本で生まれ育ち、20代半ばにメルボルンで学び、働き、多様な言語と文化的環境で生活しました。そうしたなかで、写真家としての旅がはじまりました。 2012年より、ゲッティイメージズモーメントの寄稿者に。旅のなかで、自然をテーマにした抽象作品や風景作品を作成しています。

My name is Yuko, a photography artist currently based in Japan. I create photography work under the name of Yuko Yamada. Born and raised in Japan, stayed in Melbourne in my mid 20s, learning, working, and living in the diverse language as well as in cultural environment. During that time, I met mind of good people who loves what they do. Having been inspired by them, I decided to pursue what I truly love to do. This is how my photography journey started. I'm a Getty Images Moment contributor since 2012, creating nature themed abstract as well as landscape work through my journey.